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Photo Hotel Paradiso in Livigno
Photo Hotel Paradiso in Livigno
Photo Hotel Paradiso in Livigno
Photo Hotel Paradiso in Livigno


Have you ever tried the free heel skiing technique?

If you are fond of history, you may also find it interesting to know about the history of skiing. For example, telemark skiing constitutes the first time that skiing was practiced as a sport (the first races took place around 1843 in Norway).

How it’s done

People that practice telemarking almost have to kneel on the skis, pushing the downward leg forward and bending the knee of the upper leg and, in doing so, distributing the weight equally on both skis.

Telemarking in Livigno

To demonstrate how lovely it is to telemark ski here with us, take into consideration the fact that it is right here in Livigno where several editions of Skieda, the International Telemark Festival, have taken place. It is a unique moment, a great celebration of sport and life, where the athletes, go beyond just detaching their heels for their skis, they detach from reality too, in order to relive old emotions with feelings of happiness and camaraderie, which should be the pillar of every sport.

If you want to take part in Skieda too or other events in Livigno, or you are interested in learning how to telemark, you can contact us for no-obligation advice on anything!

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